Rowland Heights Community Information

Rowland Heights is located off the 60 freeway in eastern Los Angeles and is part of the San Gabriel Valley. Rowland Heights was originally a pig farm that covered the entire area of the current community and was part of the Rowland Homestead. The area was primarily orange farms until the 60 freeway was built, after which growth increased steadily. Today, the original homestead is behind the 99 Ranch Market, near Gale Avenue and Nogales Street.

In prehistoric times, this part of Los Angeles was an inland sea prior to the last Ice Age. Locals know that many fossils can still be found in the area, including on ?fossil hill,? a hill located behind the McDonald?s on Stoner Creek Road, across from Stoner Creek Car Wash.

Rowland Heights today is highly multicultural, with large Asian and Hispanic populations. Several large Asian markets are located in Rowland Heights, including 99 Ranch Market, Hong Kong Supermarket, Shun Fat Supermarket, H.K Market and Greenland Super Market. Rowland Heights also has several delicious Asian restaurants, including Supreme Dragon and Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant, Ong Ga Nae Korean B.B.Q. as well as several trendy restaurants.

The community?s input to the larger city government is managed by the citizen-organized Rowland Heights Community Coordinating Council (RHCCC). The RHCCC has been involved in growth management and beautification of the community, as well as other important local issues.

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